Introduced in 2011, Microsoft 365 has changed the way businesses operate. Companies both large and small have benefited from the digital workspace this software creates. A partnership with PCS, your primary source for Knoxville IT support, will allow you to easily transform your IT infrastructure with our Microsoft 365 Migration services. Here are some of the benefits of transitioning your business to a digital workspace.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

When all your data is stored in the cloud, it’s available whenever you need it. A compatible device and simple authentication method are all you need to access your digital workspace. Partnering with PCS for a Microsoft 365 migration will allow you to keep up with the rise of the hybrid workplace. According to Gartner, 94% of organizations are allowing employees more flexibility as to where and when they work. A digital workspace makes this flexibility possible. Employees will have access to everything they need whether they’re working from home, the office cafeteria, or the beach.

The ability to work on any device at any time can also reduce downtime. In the unfortunate case of a hardware crash, you won’t have to halt business. There’s no need to worry about lost information because it’s stored and secure in the cloud, allowing for easy data recovery. Instead of IT stress and project delays, employees can access data in the digital workspace and continue working while technical issues are resolved.

Enhance Productivity & Collaboration

Thanks to data migration, employees can work together regardless of location. Equipped with video conferencing and instant messaging, a Microsoft 365 migration will make working together easier. Workers can collaborate on projects without the hassles of manually saving and emailing documents. Microsoft 365 automatically saves your data and allows several people to access, view and edit a document simultaneously.

Microsoft 365 Migration & Scalability

If the burden of learning new software is stopping your business from participating in a Microsoft 365 migration, there’s no need to worry. Microsoft 365 likely works with the software your business is currently using. Tools like Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, and more will continue to work with Microsoft 365. Because it is cloud-based, Office 365 makes these tools more efficient by making them more accessible and creating a truly collaborative environment.

Here are a few of the applications supported by Microsoft 365:

  • Word: Create a variety of documents and improve your writing skills.
  • Excel: Make complex data easy to understand with helpful spreadsheets and graphs.
  • PowerPoint: Develop organized and creative presentations.
  • Microsoft Teams: Make collaboration easy with a one-stop-shop for voice and video conferencing and instant messaging.
  • Outlook: Stay organized and manage your email, contacts and calendar in one app.
  • One Drive: Save, access, edit and share files and photos from anywhere on any compatible device.

Microsoft 365 is scalable for your business. A smaller organization may not require all of the applications mentioned above, while a larger business may require more storage space in its cloud. Regardless of your business’s size, PCS provides IT solutions that cater to the needs of your company. You’ll only pay for what you need, and you’ll have the ability to add or remove features to meet your business needs.

Knoxville IT Solutions That Work for You

PCS is your primary source for custom collaboration and productivity IT solutions with the integration of Microsoft 365. Whether your business is small, medium, or large, Microsoft 365 migration provides you with an assortment of applications that help you get the job done and move you closer to your goals.

Take advantage of the business IT services we offer at PCS by scheduling a meeting with us today to get the customized solutions and services you need or simply give us a call to request your free IT consultation!