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We all work, play, shop, and share in a digital space – why should learning be any different? When we can interact and move with classroom material, we are more likely to retain information. Integrating tech in the classroom is how learning meets the modern day, and with a great partner by your side, you can change the way people learn for the better.

PCS brings tech in the classroom or boardroom like never before as your intelligent teacher’s assistant. Our combinations of advanced hardware and software are designed to help teachers and instructors facilitate learning, and students develop skills for the modern world.

Promethean Interactive Displays for Education

Some aspects of the classroom never go out of style, but they can be upgraded for the 21st century. With PCS and Promethean, you can transform your classroom into a connected knowledge-sharing community that is open to the limitless possibilities of the internet.


Put a lesson at the fingertips of your students in stunning picture quality. This powerful interactive software combined with intuitive touchscreen provides an immersive and hands-on learning experience for students and employees alike.

ActivBoard Touch

Transform your dry-erase surface with multi-touch functionality. Ensure a seamless, interactive and fun learning experience by providing a wide range of tools to support daily instruction while maintaining a budget.

The Lü Interactive Playground

School gyms are big, open spaces that present so much room for activities. With the right equipment, all the most important aspects of school can be combined into one unforgettable activity.
With PCS and the Lü Interactive Playground, you can change the game on how your students stay active and learn. The three interactive systems we offer include:

Augmented Physical Activity

Meet a video game that transforms the school gym into a controller and lets everyone play. These giant video games and interactive lightings create an engaging experience for players while they have fun exercising.

Active Learning

Introducing active math class. Lü combines interactive lessons with pedagogical games to transform the way kids learn. Lü offers a new, dynamic approach where multiple skills are developed at the same time.

One Space, Unlimited Functions

PCS believes in the Lü Interactive Playground because it’s a system that can multiply the value of a room by making it easily transformable for multiple educational and physical uses. Projectors can present an exciting atmosphere that will engage students and make them excited to learn.

Our Other IT Services

Any workday where you can focus solely on your to-do list and have holistic IT solutions to support it is a win. Let PCS be your technology champion when we take on all of your IT needs. Explore our other services that make your workday a breeze.

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