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In the modern business world, your data and technology infrastructure are as vital to your company as your office space. If you leave either unprotected, sooner than later, bad actors will come along and hinder your success. Every business owner needs cyber security solutions in place to ensure the safety of their data.

The team at PCS knows how these threats operate, and we have worked to create holistic cybersecurity solutions to protect your organization. We put our combined decades of experience to work to ensure your business can run as efficiently and securely as possible. Discover the IT solutions PCS can provide to you.

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Our Professional Cyber Security Solutions


Our Professional Cybersecurity Solutions

cyber security solutions

Network & Firewall Security

A solid defense will always make you a champion. Malware and other malicious software are constantly looking for security holes to infiltrate organizations. Protect yours with IT solutions from PCS.

cyber security solutions

SPAM Protection

No one likes being bombarded with information – especially if it’s irrelevant or malicious. With SPAM protection from PCS, you can work reassured that your inbox and your employees’ inboxes remain useful and efficient.

cyber security solutions

Security as a Service

Outsource your security worries and needs to a team of professionals who have seen a thing or two. PCS provides you with a fully hosted IT solution that will protect your organization from top to bottom, so you don’t have to fuss with it.

Wireless Site Survey

Keep your staff connected to fast and reliable WiFi, no matter where they go in the office. We’ll create a signal heatmap to help you find dead zones and plan your next network installation or optimization.

cyber security solutions

Web Content Filtering

Grant your employees’ access to the greatest tool for collaboration and source of information – completely free from distractions. Web content filtering from PCS lets you place parameters on the sites that can get in the way of productivity.

cyber security solutions

Threat Management

Eliminate the worry you have about protecting your organization with a defense designed specifically for its needs. Fight back against threats with a unified IT solution that will help your company fortify against threats.

cyber security solutions

Penetration Testing

The methods in which cybercriminals infiltrate your organization are changing and becoming more effective with each passing day. Are you ready for them? Allow PCS to find the week points and reinforce them with great IT solutions.

Our Other IT Services

Any workday where you can focus solely on your to-do list and have holistic IT solutions to support it is a win. Let PCS be your technology champion when we take on all of your IT needs. Explore our other services that make your workday a breeze.

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